Friday Favourites

We have one week of 2018 under our belts and it feels good! I’ve seen a lot of talk online about different people’s feelings about the new year. For some it inspires, for others it discourages. I would say I’m inspired. 2018 will be bring changes personally as we anticipate the arrival of the babe – which brings its own set of goals and tasks! That is all coming along quite well – so I’ve channeled my energy to goal setting for And She Laughs for 2018.

You might have guessed that getting back to blogging is one of my goals. Another is to produce my own crochet patterns which you will see here on this space as well!

One of my favourite kinds of blogs to read is a weekly favourites from my favourites. (A lot of favourites there!!) So weekly I want to share some of my favourite moments, links, loves, etc. I hope you can find somethings you love too!

  • I have been crocheting a lot for Christmas and for the business and am dying to make myself a garment. I saw this Cardigan and I am in LOVE! I can’t wait to make it… now to just find the time!
  • Martin and I drove to Hamilton to spend New Year’s Eve with some friends and wanted to listen to a podcast in the car. This podcast was recommended by some bloggers I follow and we listened to the whole series on our drive there and back! It’s definitely an adult podcast – but if you like Serial or S-Town you’ll like this!
  • I got to extend Christmas this year and opened gifts from my family on New Year’s Day. My mom found me this t-shirt when she was at the Mall of America. It’s the perfect maternity shirt! Cute and so very comfy!!
  • Hamilton fans will love this video. According to Twitter Lin Manuel Miranda did!

Those are this week’s favs. I’ll be back with more next week.

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