Crocheted Beads Pattern

There are lots of uses for crocheted beads. I saw a cute little baby toy on Facebook last week and made one up. To be honest – the baby toy makes me a little nervous because… well babies are precious and beads can be dangerous! I also got some advice that the crochet beads can get pretty baby slobbery quickly. Have you ever used crochet beads? Did they get gross?

So  setting aside the baby use until I can get it tested… There are lots of other uses for crocheted beads. I think they’d look cute on adult jewelry and I have a few other ideas too. So I thought I’d just share the technique and pattern for making the beads and see your creativity!


D hook (2.75mm)
Crochet Thread – Cotton – Size 3
OR any 100% Cotton Yarn – Worsted (see notes)
Untreated Wood Beads – 3/4″
Yarn Needle
Stitch marker

mc – magic circle
sl st – slip stitch
sc – single crochet
inc – single crochet increase
inv dec – invisible single crochet decrease (see special stitches)


Invisible Single Crochet Decrease – insert hook into front loop only of next stitch, yarn over, pull through stitch, insert hook into front loop only of next stitch, yarn over, pull through stitch, yarn over, pull through all loops on hook.


  • This pattern is worked in continuous rows. Do not finish the row or chain up. Just continue next row on first stitch of last row. This method requires a stitch marker. Mark the first stitch of each row.
  • I used two types of cotton. I used Aunt Lydia’s Cotton thread in size 3 as is. That is a mercerized cotton and is a great size. There are not a ton of colour options though. So, I also used Bernat Handicrafter which is a worsted weight to get the colours I wanted. But I had to separate the yarn from 4 ply into 2 ply. (Cut a strand 150″ and seperate. Will make 2 beads.)


Round 1: mc w/6 sc (Do not pull magic circle all the way closed as this will be the open part of the bead)
Round 2: inc around (12)
Round 3: *inc, sc* repeat around (18)
Round 4-5: sc around (18)
Round 6: *inv dec, sc* repeat around (12)
Place crochet around the bead now
Round 7:  inv dec around (6)
Whip stitch together and weave yarn between bead and crochet.

What are you going to do with your crocheted beads? Post it online and use the hashtag #andshelaughscrochet 

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