Unicorn – Pattern Review

When I thought about shifting my focus to design this year, I couldn’t help but be bummed that I would have significantly less time to crochet using other people’s designs. I love creating my own things, but I also love some of the amazing patterns available out there from other designers.

Since I am spending more time designing (and frogging designs that aren’t working) I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to justify the time it takes to make other designs… unless I could use share my thoughts and love for those designs with you!

So the solution is Pattern Reviews! I will share some of my thoughts and pictures of my versions of the designs with links back to the original patterns and designers.

I am starting off with a pattern that I get asked about a lot: A Menagerie of Stitches’ Unicorn. Read more

Crocheting a Perfect Circle with Staggered Increases (& Decreases)

I’m a bit of a craft perfectionist. Well – I’m a perfectionist in a lot of aspects of my life… but it really comes out in crafting! I want everything to be even and straight and measured!

Crochet Tip: Crochet the Perfect Circle - And She Laughs Crochet

When I started crocheting in the round, I noticed something that bugged that perfectionist inside me. The shape of items that I wanted to be a circle came out more hexagonal or octagonal – depending on the number of increases per round.

I knew there had to be a way to fix this. As I looked at the shapes and the lines that were made I noticed it was happening because all of increases (and decreases) happen at the same point in every round.

Traditionally a pattern will read something like this:

Round 1: magic circle with 8 sc
Round 2: inc around (16)
Round 3: inc, sc around (24)
Round 4: inc, 2 sc around (32)
Round 5: inc, 3 sc around (40)
Round 6: inc, 4 sc around (48)
Round 7: inc, 5 sc around (56)
Round 8: inc, 6sc around (64)… etc…

When doing it this way, the increase is always in the same spot in the circle and it can come out looking hexagonal or octagonal. If you look closely, you can also see the lines of increases running through the project. 

My solution: Whenever I work in the round, I stagger the place in the round that I do my increases (and decreases.) On even rows, I do half of the single crochets, then increase, then continue as normal. It is written like this:

Round 1: magic circle with 8 sc
Round 2: inc around (16)
Round 3: inc, sc around (24)
Round 4: *sc, inc, sc* repeat around (32)
Round 5: inc, 3 sc around (40)
Round 6: *2sc, inc, 2sc* repeat around (48)
Round 7: inc, 5 sc around (56)
Round 8: *3sc, inc, 3sc* repeat around (64)… etc..

You will still come out with the same amount of stitches and have the same number of stitches between increases. It just moves the increase to avoid a line and makes the overall shape much more circular! 

I write up all of my patterns this way – but I also make my own adjustment to other patterns when I make them. I do the rounds that have an odd amount of single crochets between increases as written. Whenever the increase row has an even number of single crochets between increases, I do half of the single crochets before doing the increase, increase, do the written number of single crochets between each increase and end with half of the single crochets.

This applies the same way to decreases in amigurumi. I find it helps keep the holes between stitches smaller since the decreases aren’t stacked!

I hope this helps the little perfectionist inside you get perfect circles and rounder amigurumi! Let me know if you have used this tip in the comments.


What will 2018 bring?

It’s hard to believe that it was Christmas 2014 that I first started selling crochet cup cozies at a local coffee shop. My little hobby business grew pretty slowly by opening an Etsy shop in 2015. My first craft show was Christmas 2016.

This holiday season was my best yet. Not only was it successful, I found my niche in terms of finished products! I crocheted a lot of things starting in September and sold every single bit of it! I took some time between Christmas and New Years to reflect on the future of And She Laughs Crochet. Read more

Friday Favourites

We have one week of 2018 under our belts and it feels good! I’ve seen a lot of talk online about different people’s feelings about the new year. For some it inspires, for others it discourages. I would say I’m inspired. 2018 will be bring changes personally as we anticipate the arrival of the babe – which brings its own set of goals and tasks! That is all coming along quite well – so I’ve channeled my energy to goal setting for And She Laughs for 2018. Read more

Market Recap

Boy oh boy am I tired. I think I’d be tired even if I wasn’t making a human at the moment.

This weekend I was so fortunate to be in my first Rose City Etsy Team Market. It was Mistletoe Market at Walkerville Brewery and it was awesome!

Rose City Etsy Team is Windsor’s first Etsy team and this was only their 2nd show. I was blown away with both the guests and other vendors. Everyone was so kind and supportive. It was amazing to feel part of the Windsor maker community.

The show started on Friday and set up was great. We had lots of time. I had planned my table out before hand so it was easy enough to just set it all up.

Read more